Photo of Liz Donaldson, Becky Ross, and Colleen Reed
Liz Donaldson
Becky Ross, Colleen Reed

     Elegant Echoes

     Traditional Folk Music
     of the British Isles

For bookings please contact
Liz Donaldson
or Becky Ross


Elegant Echoes plays a rich repertoire of traditional folk music from the British Isles and Ireland with engaging energy and sparkling sophistication. Liz Donaldson (piano), Colleen Reed (flute) and Becky Ross (fiddle) weave together sweet harmonies and melodies with lively rhythmic punctuation to provide the perfect accent to your event!

Elegant Echoes is available to play for all occasions in the Greater D.C. area including concerts, receptions, weddings, parties, and fund raisers.

Their newly-released CD English Echoes Buy Now represents a selection of their favorite tunes offering a variety of meters and moods, from elegant and smooth to bouncy and lively. While designed as a dance recording, it is also enjoyable for general listening.