Photo of Liz Donaldson, Becky Ross, and Colleen Reed
Liz Donaldson
Becky Ross, Colleen Reed

     Elegant Echoes

     Traditional Folk Music
     of the British Isles

For bookings please contact
Liz Donaldson
or Becky Ross


Music Samples

Here are some music samples from our first CD, English Echoes, (more info at CDBabyTM) which continues to collect compliments from dancers across the country and around the world!

Click on the links below to hear mp3 samples from English Echoes:

Praise for English Echoes:

"I loved last night's music... You all do such great music. Heavenly... Thank you so much."
Marty Summerour, D.C.

"Your arrangements are super and the combinations and solos are great."
Robert Moir, U.K.

"Your piano makes it so danceable!!!!! ... I like the way your instruments all have a separate identity rather than a romantic blend."
Jenny Beer, Pennsylvania

"I'm enjoying listening to it, and really like what you all did with Halsway Manners. I'm excited that you included it."
Mary Devlin, Oregon